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Honey Bees Class
Tuesday & Thursday

For entry to our Pre-School Class children should be 3 years old by December.


What better way to start the school day than with free play and discovery? Each day materials are set out in thoughtful ways to foster exploration and learning. Playtime has been proven time and again to be so important for a child’s social, cognitive and physical development. During free play, children are invited by a teacher to do an activity that supports our curriculum. We use Handwriting Without Tears® products and teaching methods. Children in the Honey Bees class have lots of pre-writing experience including Roll-A-Dough (where they form letters from playdough) and weekly practice of building letters with wood pieces. Regular work with wood pieces builds the language and skills that will eventually lead to success in writing.

Other activities are planned to include language and literacy, math, science, fine motor and creative expression. We also nurture social skills through our ‘Bucket Filling’ program where kind deeds are celebrated at school and at home.

Circle Time is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to stimulate children’s thinking skills through meaningful conversations. Props may be used including small objects, books, felt boards, alphabet cards, number cards, shapes, familiar and unusual objects.

Our theme-based curriculum is a wonderful way to teach children about the natural world when we learn about farms, apples, pumpkins, insect life cycles, plant life cycles, the seasons and more! We also plan our music time to compliment our monthly curriculum.

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